Monday, 10 October 2011

A Weekend with Fifteen Dead

Thursday June 16th 2011 @ The Palace of Crust, Aberdeen
Another eventful evening in Aberdeen's newest house venue. Gig #2 kicked off with local new lads You Dead! Well I say local, they're Elgin pikeys, but we love em so. They've played a few gigs for Chaos Promotions at Drummonds and produced the goods, and on the night, there was no exception. Frontman Danny Crombie is fucking animal on stage and while their recordings are pretty good, they just simply don't catch the raw energy that this band brings to the table. Local lads, and I mean local... it's their hoose, Fifteen Dead are up next with another exciting set for the crowd. The band thrash around, but a particularly good set from frontman Badger and drummer Jason Rees (Also of KCHGH). You'll struggle to keep your eyes on Jason. He'll convince you you're hammered after 3 sips of beer at the speed he goes at and never misses a beat. An amazing talent. Absolutist, Irish mob, but living in Aberdeen are here and they are fuckin bangin. Their self titled track is strongly growing to be one of my favourites and they once again produce a brilliant set. Drummer Oliver is also amazing and the riffs coming from Shea are very well produced. After a bit of a rest for drummer Jason, KCHGH, hit the stage for their second appearance in as many gigs at the Palace. I wasn't feeling it from Callum(Bass) or James(Guitar) tonight, but Jason regained enough energy to play another brilliant set and vocalist Sid poured his heart and soul into it. Headliners for the evening, Prelude to the Hunt are, as I learned afterwards, the old Aberdeen band We Shall be Blessed minus a guitarist. I remember not being able to make up my mind about them, WSBB, a few years back, but Prelude played very well. The sound was sharp and they kept going strong. By the end of the night a lot of people dwindled slightly away to the garden to drink. The house is so well sound proofed it's hard to determine if someone is playing a gig or just put some music on, but when they discovered it was a band a lot of people came back in for one final push and ended on a high. 8/10

Firday June 17th 2011 @ Nice n Sleazys, Glasgow
Fifteen Dead and Absolutist headed to Glasgow for the 2nd night of 3 around Scotland. And as with last night, both bands played incredibly well. The crowd reaction was very different however, as it is with any different city you travel too. Aberdeen is the place to get banter and lots of heckling with the crowd and if you play well, they'll go mental for you, given they've enough swally in them, but in Glasgow the reaction was clapping. Not to say they didn't appreciate or enjoy themselves, I just found it rather strange, having not been to Glasgow for a gig in a wee while. HOWEVER! On to the stage comes Clocked Out and while they're reaction was quite similar to the aforementioned bands, they did have people jammed right up the front and quite getting in there. I listened to the band's “Demo I” a few months ago and to be honest it sounded pretty good, but couldn't help but feel it was missing that edge, well it wasn't just an edge. The band were miles more powerful live than they are recorded and put on a show like no other. Their frontman wanted to eat your fuckin soul, a proper looney bin and it sounded awesome. Look out for them in Aberdeen at the Palace of Crust on September 10th, most likely with You Dead and Fifteen Dead. 7/10

Saturday June 18th 2011 @ The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh
Barshasketh are, I'm led to believe, originally from New Zealand, but they currently lay in Edinburgh. They in themselves are very slow / sludgey sort of black metal. I myself was not a fan, and after listening to their EP I'm still not, however I'm not oor man for black metal, Ross Necro is, and he reckons they're pretty damn good, he would have also went and seen them had he not been throwing up out the back of the van after a 10am finish partying the night before, so check em out for yourself. Next up were quite possibly the most into thrash metal band i've seen, Black Talon. They're the sort of lads that say something along the lines of “If you do not like thrash metal, then prepare yourself to now love... thrash METTTTTTTTAL!!!” Very good if you're into that sort of thing, I'm nae, but they were good at what they did. Fifteen Dead came on next and played well, but microphone problems and amp head problems prevented them from playing to full expectation and it seems they didn't fit the bill very well, but the promoter had helped them out by taking them on after another bill fell apart, so kudos to him for that. Sufferinfuck, produced the goods next with what Ross Necro described as fuckin beast of a set. They're samples and demos on the myspazz sound heavy as fuck and I'm now pretty disappointed I only caught 2 of their songs now. Absolutist played another great set and the last with their current drummer Oliver for the next year, he's fucking off for some reason, but he'll be back I'm led to believe. Sadly we missed Acatalepsy, as we needed to back up and bugger off, not something I make a habbit of. After listening to their music online though it seems like your standard Tech Death Metal, again not a fan, but have yourselves a listen. 6/10

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