Saturday, 22 October 2011

Ghetto Blaster - Think For Yourself Promo (2011)

Ghetto Blaster - Think For Yourself Promo (2011) [Riotska Records]
Old school ska meets rap in an all out breakdown confrontation of urban life and don't you dare tell me I over did that because that is exactly what I saw when I heard "Beloved GTA". Follow this up with "Whatchu Gunna Do" and we hit harder into the riffs that will have us stomping the streets around us well into the night. "Unite" brings us back again to the old school ska with something that sounds very much like a church organ with the quick as a hiccup lyrical breeze through. An almost reggae chilled out atmosphere surrounds the song. The sound quality of the last song makes me scream at this band! Granted I have the unmastered version of this particular song, so fuck it, throw that excuse out the window. The song itself, "Bank Korrupt" is a brilliant warp-speed-move-yer-fucking-arse of a tune. Even with the slow bits in it, you know where it's heading and while tension build up in a song is something I'm not a big of (and it's a long one), it is necessary, for that furious dart to the finish line, which we all know, we live, is the epitome of how it should be done. 7.5/10

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