Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Routine Social Incompetance - Call it Whatever You Like LP (2010)

Routine Social  Incompetance - Call it Whatever You Like LP (2010) [DIY]
Punk and Roll here from Milton Keynes here with a 17 track effort.  With hints of Rockabilly thrown in in places and a general sense of pogo till yer heid hurts this band have a nice pull to them. "Big Brother" is a pretty decent track that would probably sound brilliant live, but falls a bit short on the recording. "Daggers" brings amount an a good amount of speed and a nice wee catchy chorus, but again I feel it falls just a bit short of the mark. "Curly Wurlys" is a nice reminder to not take everything so fucking serious and to top it off it's a brilliant song! Listen to it! The rest of the album is full of nonsense songs just done for shits and giggles and sometimes that's what you need.

Overall: Definitely think this band would be a good laugh to go see live and would be nice to bounce about to in a venue, but I'm not going to be clutching onto their CD as my 3 things on a dessert island. Go see them live, I reckon they'd be pretty good. 7/10

Monday, 16 April 2012

Opposition Rising - Aftermathematics (2011)

Opposition Rising - Aftermathematics (2011) [DIY/Opposition Records]
You want a fuckin album! Here's a fuckin album! From the build up of intro song "Rising", going 100 miles a second into "The Rich are Killing The Poor" this album screams let's rip the roof off the place and start a fucking riot! A personal favourite from the album is the song "F.T.W.", which I first heard from Riot Ska Records' Global Unity Musik II, which can be found here. The band bring the hardcore Boston scene to it's knees with this powerful production. Brilliant lyrical content, heavy as hell. A definite 'tough guy' Agnostic Front feel to it, as well as some metal undertones thrown into the mix do nothing but help this come together like a perfectly crafted jigsaw puzzle. "Total Annihilation" is another brilliant song, even if it is a bit short. "Brick by Brick" changes the pace slightly and the simplistic riff in the song for some reason sounds quite interesting to me. "Debt Sentence" and "Everybody's Lying to You" continues the spirit of mixing it up a bit and and changing the flow, slowing it down a little bit and bringing in slow ska type bits, don't try to skank to it though, you'll look like a total cunt, it's more of an upper body sway! The last song "Destination Apocalypse" is a the perfect way to end the album with lyrics screaming accross the point "Our world begins, when your world ends!"

Overall: Best thing I've heard in ages, pissed off it took me this long to listen to it. I can't really push this record enough, it's brilliant. And you want to know something better. The band's DIY ethics mean it was instantly up for free download. Hell even the CDs say "FREE CD, NOT FOR SALE, DO NOT PAY FOR THIS CD". But if you do like it alot, then do what I'm going to be doing, buy this fuckin peach of a splatter vinyl 12" of the album here. 10/10

Download this album: http://oppositionrising.bandcamp.com/album/aftermathematics-lp 

Co-Released on:
Active Rebellion
Crash Assailant Records
Pirates Press Records
Riot Ska Records
Rodent Popsicle
Tankcrimes Records

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Razorblade Smile - Self Titled LP (2011)

Razorblade Smile - Self Titled LP (2011) [DIY]
I caught Razorblade Smile supporting The Defects in Kirkcaldy in November 2011 and was lucky enough to grab a CD off of them. They're live performance was quite good and I was interested to hear what they sounded like recorded. And to be honest they were pretty damn good.

The songs take an Exploited riffage in verse parts in places and combine it with pure 77 chorus parts to make a brilliant go of it. In most places they take a street punk edge into their music as well, but it's not as heavy recorded as it is live. The lot of it is always played a good speed, not 100mph lose control speed, but.... 85mph at least haha. The album is full of good tracks and they are all worth a listen but if I had pick out a couple to play at a party it would be "Censored Society", "Hit The Floor", "Govanhell" and "Friendly Nation".

Overall: Like I said, it's a decent album and each song is worth a listen. The duel female and male vocals make it an interesting 4 piece band, but overall it's lacking that 'edge'. 8/10

Last Ever Palace Gig @ Palace of Crust, Aberdeen

Saturday March 3rd 2012 @ The Palace of Crust, Aberdeen.

A sad moment and an evening in which Aberdeen's punk house finally met it's demise in a blaze of glory. With me having made the mistake of going to Uganda for 7 weeks for charity work, as well as functioning resident alcoholic JJ Hobin's 24th birthday, the party was set to be an onslaught of madness throughout.

Drug Couple hit the stage first and were a brilliant way to open up the venue. I only heard their set through, didn't see much, as I was getting my drinking on after only just arriving home from a 25 hour journey an hour or so before. They sounded brutal and the crowd, in the few glimpses I did see, were up for a riot, and by fuck did they go for it.

Fifteen Dead would probably have gave this one a miss, but they were requested to play and decided to play a shorter than normal set, mostly of newbies. Great atmosphere as always for the house band, but lack of practice over the last few months didn't do them any favours on the night. The new material, however, sounds brilliant and this band keep getting better and better.

Maze McPunklet gave us a brilliant poem about the legacy the Palace of Crust has left behind.

Clocked Out played yet again a brilliant set. Frontman/madman Crawford finally found his match in front of a crowd with the Aberdeen lot crowd surfing him through the living room and just generally picking him up and passing him about like a joint. The crowd went nuts, the band went nuts, the roof remains with his footprints.

Billy Liar for me played an absolute rarity of a show, I say that because in my mind I thought he played pretty poor. Don't get me wrong, all these drunken arseholes grabbing the mic to try and sing along didn't help and ruined it for you, but as always with Aberdeen, the crowd screamed his lyrics with all the passion in the world. Aberdeen Punks + Billy Liar = Good Times.

Cleavers played a horrible set in my opinion. They were playing, then they weren't, then they were, then they were terrible. However the lovly letterman style Cleavers jackets are just what the cover of NME and Radio 1 ordered. Go get em lads!

Sufferinfuck I don't remember much of, cause they were last and by this point I was drinking anything that looked like it could be liquidated. Myself and Palace Princess Steeny went to go mental for the last song, by the time we got there, they were finished (it was 4 seconds long). I do remember gan "10 Fuckin Eggs!" an awful lot, usually a good sign i'm enjoying the band.

Overall: The gig was an incredible atmosphere. There were a few below average performances from bands who usually hit the button every time, but apart from that, no one could take away the fact that "This was it". The Palace of Crust is coming to an end, so lets make this a night to remember and it was.... and then for a select few, we had a nice 3 days afterwards as well.

If you never got the chance to go to the Palace of Crust then this is what you've missed out on, and If you have, you'll always have the memories of the one year where a house in Aberdeen changed an entire scene.

Link! This video was created by Jamie Christ as part of Scottish D.I.Y. Series.

The Cundeez - Lend Wiz Yer Lugs LP CD (2011)

The Cundeez - Lend Wiz Yer Lugs LP CD (2011) [Oary Records]

Right from the get go, I'm loving this. An absolute epic intro in "Caleil", could be faulted for being a bitty long, but still sounds great. The second track is "Summer of 78" and along with "This is Britain" is attributed to be inspired by the Clash, the first is about a bunch of auld bastards day dreaming about their youth, sounds good and the latter about the sad state of affairs of the UK, a nice bit of organ work in the background there and one of the slower songs on the album. The band have a feel of yer old school 77 with a bit of grunge riffage there, or so I felt apparent with  "Mr E Go", im not sure if I'm hearing a slight bit of Nirvana Smells like Teen Spirit there. "Oary Tull Eh Deh" starts aff wee what I can only describe as Dundonian Reggae, which in itself sounds fuckin mental but strangely it works brilliantly. The finish to the track is brilliant. "Yir Talking Shite" was one of the only songs I'd heard from them recorded before the CD landed on the desk. You really need to listen to the lyrics on this one, it takes everything that needs to be said and simply puts... says it. As a bonus from the CD (Windows PC Only), the video for "Yir Talking Shite" is included. "Fortune Street" is a brilliant slow song. Reflecting another week at work finished and time to hit the town and forget all the bullshit. "Sehturday Night" is about floating around Dundee on a Saturday night obviously and getting into shit, the chorus line from the song sums it up well. "Sehturday Night, it's nae place tae be, Sehturday Night, on the streets o Dundee, Sehturday Night, Psychos oot their face, Sehturday Night, Rang Time Rang Place". "Fightback" was a bit slow for me, lyrically it was good, but I had a feeling towards the end of the album it was floating away from them a bit with this and "Keyboard Gangsters". But "Haggis Man" reminds you it doesn't need to be all doom and gloom and I can now say I've listened to the Iron Man theme music played on the bagpipes and it's fuckin brilliant haha!

Overall: In the end the only really disappointing bits for me here was the 3rd and 2nd last track. While the lyrics were there and cunts on keyboards should just be ignored if you don't like what they're saying, the music wasn't at the end, but the rest of it was brilliant. There's not enough Scottish bands that sing with their own accents and these boys do it well. I remember when I first heard them years ago and they were practically a Dundee Utd supporter band which is why I, as a dirty sheep shagging bastard, didn't think it was a smashin idea to book them in Aberdeen. But that's no longer the case, a great asset to Scottish punk rock and the Dundee scene in particular. 9/10

Note: Went to spell check this before I posted and due to all the track titles.... I gave up.