Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Crows + Support @ KPC, Glasgow

Sunday June 9th @ The Kinning Park Community Complex

Holy shit this place is a gonna be a shithole. That was my first thought. I was sooooooooooo fucking wrong and I cannot wait to go back to this place. An old Primary school converted into a community centre, which in 1996 the Glasgow City Council decided to close due to budget cuts. The local community, for 55 days, occupied the building and stopped it's closure and came to a deal with the community to keep the centre open. A better version of the story, not told from someone who's been there a grand total of 6 hours, is here.

Also, even though I'd recently just returned to the working life (excuse for lack of updates), I was very pleased to see a 60% discount for the unemployed for gig entry at this gig, very good. So we show up and I've only a few tins, believing it was bar only and £2 each per drink. Having not realised this I got myself to the shop, came back and had missed No Island. Great fucking start, sorry guys, I was really looking forward to seeing you as well.

Badger of Fifteen Dead
Fifteen Dead then hit the stage, and to be honest, played pretty well, it was just early on. Glasgow struggles to get into early bands anyway, as the next band found out and I've no doubt No Island had to as well, and it dulls down the atmosphere a bit. Double shift for new bassist Clark Core who played the evening before in Aberdeen with his band The Obscenities (who played a blinder by the way) and he looked to me to blend into the mix very well.

Drug Couple
Drug Couple is a band I didn't rate much when they played the Palace of Crust in last show in March, although I have come to quite enjoy their recordings and they were very good live as well. Sam "The Madman" Wells is impossible to take a photo of he moves about too much. He ooozes energy. An earthquake-tornado combination revolving amongst the solid formation of Mount Everest that is the rest of the band. Complains he's too hot when he's wearing a beanie... indoors... with tights over his head... for an entire set..... yep.

Clocked Out as most of you guys know are nothing short of brilliant. Local favourites who embody the DIY culture and love everything about what they do. A band you simply cannot have in your life. Respect of the tallest order (as tall as Stretch over there on bass... is that possible?). Get these cunts seen bawjaws!

Clocked Out
Crows, for me, were not what I thought they would be. I really struggled to get into them and a few folk agreed. I think it was more of Clocked Out being a very difficult act to follow (I'd certainly tell someone to fuck off if they asked me). It's doomy, negative stuff and it's not something you'd follow a lively as fuck band with... main act or not. I enjoyed their recordings, it just wasn't for me on the night.

Overall: The venue was brilliant. I met a few new friends, as well as plenty old ones which is always a pleasure. The bands played well. I just wished Glasgow went a bit more mental every now and again, seriously can't wait to come back to this venue again. Brilliance. 8.5/10

Big Thanks: to Papa Clark Core for the lift down the road otherwise Aberdeen to Glasgow is a long fucking walk. Charlie for the amazing gig, All the staff at the KPC, the cup cake lass, the bands, the punters, the bouncers (aye! even they were smashin!). Good times.

Moral Dilemma + The Obscenities @ The Moorings, Aberdeen

Friday June 9th @ The Moorings, Aberdeen

Another jaunt down the Moorings for yer standard 2 band bill and what a brilliant gig.

The Obscenities who are relatively new on the scene haven't really hit the ground running. They've more or less hit the ground, been dragged along by the car and then crawled to their feet while the car is going at 120mph up the A96, caught up with it and shoulder barged the fucker into a ditch. An intense crowd in The Moorings wanted blood, sweat and anger. And they got it. Clarkies no nonsense approach as a front man suits him down to the ground in amongst the crowd, with the ever amazing skills of Randy "Sexual Chocolate" Watson on bass and the ADHD antics of Bry Parasite. Behind this blur of adrenaline you can see the mass of human being that is Ash beating the skins with such intensity you could swear the kit was one of Mike Tyson's victims. A few more catchy songs and recordings from this band so the crowd can be even more involved would have peeled the paint of the walls. Brilliant set. 9/10

Moral Dilemma, despite being the headline for the evening had an incredibly difficult set to follow and they gave it their all. Last time I saw them was supporting the Casualties where I expected alot more from them, but on this evening the wanted to scream in the face of everyone and why the end of it the crowd were covered in the frontman's sweat (And later so was the LA princess. ha!) Hard working, determined... their set screamed of it. Next time they're anywhere near, I'll be there, they're definitley a band I'd travel down the road for. 8/10

Overall: The venue, the bands, the crowd, the quantity of booze consumed, all a perfect blend for this one. If there was any way to make this better would be for one more really good band thrown in, just for the sake of it, but to be honest, If they hadn't lived up to standard set by these two, it may have ruined it. Awesome gig. 8/10