Sunday, 15 April 2012

Razorblade Smile - Self Titled LP (2011)

Razorblade Smile - Self Titled LP (2011) [DIY]
I caught Razorblade Smile supporting The Defects in Kirkcaldy in November 2011 and was lucky enough to grab a CD off of them. They're live performance was quite good and I was interested to hear what they sounded like recorded. And to be honest they were pretty damn good.

The songs take an Exploited riffage in verse parts in places and combine it with pure 77 chorus parts to make a brilliant go of it. In most places they take a street punk edge into their music as well, but it's not as heavy recorded as it is live. The lot of it is always played a good speed, not 100mph lose control speed, but.... 85mph at least haha. The album is full of good tracks and they are all worth a listen but if I had pick out a couple to play at a party it would be "Censored Society", "Hit The Floor", "Govanhell" and "Friendly Nation".

Overall: Like I said, it's a decent album and each song is worth a listen. The duel female and male vocals make it an interesting 4 piece band, but overall it's lacking that 'edge'. 8/10

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