Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Cundeez - Lend Wiz Yer Lugs LP CD (2011)

The Cundeez - Lend Wiz Yer Lugs LP CD (2011) [Oary Records]

Right from the get go, I'm loving this. An absolute epic intro in "Caleil", could be faulted for being a bitty long, but still sounds great. The second track is "Summer of 78" and along with "This is Britain" is attributed to be inspired by the Clash, the first is about a bunch of auld bastards day dreaming about their youth, sounds good and the latter about the sad state of affairs of the UK, a nice bit of organ work in the background there and one of the slower songs on the album. The band have a feel of yer old school 77 with a bit of grunge riffage there, or so I felt apparent with  "Mr E Go", im not sure if I'm hearing a slight bit of Nirvana Smells like Teen Spirit there. "Oary Tull Eh Deh" starts aff wee what I can only describe as Dundonian Reggae, which in itself sounds fuckin mental but strangely it works brilliantly. The finish to the track is brilliant. "Yir Talking Shite" was one of the only songs I'd heard from them recorded before the CD landed on the desk. You really need to listen to the lyrics on this one, it takes everything that needs to be said and simply puts... says it. As a bonus from the CD (Windows PC Only), the video for "Yir Talking Shite" is included. "Fortune Street" is a brilliant slow song. Reflecting another week at work finished and time to hit the town and forget all the bullshit. "Sehturday Night" is about floating around Dundee on a Saturday night obviously and getting into shit, the chorus line from the song sums it up well. "Sehturday Night, it's nae place tae be, Sehturday Night, on the streets o Dundee, Sehturday Night, Psychos oot their face, Sehturday Night, Rang Time Rang Place". "Fightback" was a bit slow for me, lyrically it was good, but I had a feeling towards the end of the album it was floating away from them a bit with this and "Keyboard Gangsters". But "Haggis Man" reminds you it doesn't need to be all doom and gloom and I can now say I've listened to the Iron Man theme music played on the bagpipes and it's fuckin brilliant haha!

Overall: In the end the only really disappointing bits for me here was the 3rd and 2nd last track. While the lyrics were there and cunts on keyboards should just be ignored if you don't like what they're saying, the music wasn't at the end, but the rest of it was brilliant. There's not enough Scottish bands that sing with their own accents and these boys do it well. I remember when I first heard them years ago and they were practically a Dundee Utd supporter band which is why I, as a dirty sheep shagging bastard, didn't think it was a smashin idea to book them in Aberdeen. But that's no longer the case, a great asset to Scottish punk rock and the Dundee scene in particular. 9/10

Note: Went to spell check this before I posted and due to all the track titles.... I gave up.


  1. Many thanks Greg for takkin the time to listen and crit the album! Great to hear comments when they are done constuctively. Itz funny coz we've never really seen ourselves as a 'punk' band although a lot of the music could be bracketed in there. We just love trying to create and play good music. The Mr E Go track was a bastardised version of an old Poison Streak song that Stevie and Trotsky wrote when they were in that band many moons ago. We've used a few old riffs etc and gave them a new lease of life as have some of the songs which came from my street poetry. Yeah, the United stuff was a good wee journey but we always wanted to be doin our own stuff and thatz where we are now. Got 4 tracks laid down already for the forthcoming album 3 'Murder On The Oary Express'. Many thanks again and Keep rockin an rebellin bud!!!