Monday, 16 April 2012

Opposition Rising - Aftermathematics (2011)

Opposition Rising - Aftermathematics (2011) [DIY/Opposition Records]
You want a fuckin album! Here's a fuckin album! From the build up of intro song "Rising", going 100 miles a second into "The Rich are Killing The Poor" this album screams let's rip the roof off the place and start a fucking riot! A personal favourite from the album is the song "F.T.W.", which I first heard from Riot Ska Records' Global Unity Musik II, which can be found here. The band bring the hardcore Boston scene to it's knees with this powerful production. Brilliant lyrical content, heavy as hell. A definite 'tough guy' Agnostic Front feel to it, as well as some metal undertones thrown into the mix do nothing but help this come together like a perfectly crafted jigsaw puzzle. "Total Annihilation" is another brilliant song, even if it is a bit short. "Brick by Brick" changes the pace slightly and the simplistic riff in the song for some reason sounds quite interesting to me. "Debt Sentence" and "Everybody's Lying to You" continues the spirit of mixing it up a bit and and changing the flow, slowing it down a little bit and bringing in slow ska type bits, don't try to skank to it though, you'll look like a total cunt, it's more of an upper body sway! The last song "Destination Apocalypse" is a the perfect way to end the album with lyrics screaming accross the point "Our world begins, when your world ends!"

Overall: Best thing I've heard in ages, pissed off it took me this long to listen to it. I can't really push this record enough, it's brilliant. And you want to know something better. The band's DIY ethics mean it was instantly up for free download. Hell even the CDs say "FREE CD, NOT FOR SALE, DO NOT PAY FOR THIS CD". But if you do like it alot, then do what I'm going to be doing, buy this fuckin peach of a splatter vinyl 12" of the album here. 10/10

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Active Rebellion
Crash Assailant Records
Pirates Press Records
Riot Ska Records
Rodent Popsicle
Tankcrimes Records

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