Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Routine Social Incompetance - Call it Whatever You Like LP (2010)

Routine Social  Incompetance - Call it Whatever You Like LP (2010) [DIY]
Punk and Roll here from Milton Keynes here with a 17 track effort.  With hints of Rockabilly thrown in in places and a general sense of pogo till yer heid hurts this band have a nice pull to them. "Big Brother" is a pretty decent track that would probably sound brilliant live, but falls a bit short on the recording. "Daggers" brings amount an a good amount of speed and a nice wee catchy chorus, but again I feel it falls just a bit short of the mark. "Curly Wurlys" is a nice reminder to not take everything so fucking serious and to top it off it's a brilliant song! Listen to it! The rest of the album is full of nonsense songs just done for shits and giggles and sometimes that's what you need.

Overall: Definitely think this band would be a good laugh to go see live and would be nice to bounce about to in a venue, but I'm not going to be clutching onto their CD as my 3 things on a dessert island. Go see them live, I reckon they'd be pretty good. 7/10

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