Sunday, 15 April 2012

Last Ever Palace Gig @ Palace of Crust, Aberdeen

Saturday March 3rd 2012 @ The Palace of Crust, Aberdeen.

A sad moment and an evening in which Aberdeen's punk house finally met it's demise in a blaze of glory. With me having made the mistake of going to Uganda for 7 weeks for charity work, as well as functioning resident alcoholic JJ Hobin's 24th birthday, the party was set to be an onslaught of madness throughout.

Drug Couple hit the stage first and were a brilliant way to open up the venue. I only heard their set through, didn't see much, as I was getting my drinking on after only just arriving home from a 25 hour journey an hour or so before. They sounded brutal and the crowd, in the few glimpses I did see, were up for a riot, and by fuck did they go for it.

Fifteen Dead would probably have gave this one a miss, but they were requested to play and decided to play a shorter than normal set, mostly of newbies. Great atmosphere as always for the house band, but lack of practice over the last few months didn't do them any favours on the night. The new material, however, sounds brilliant and this band keep getting better and better.

Maze McPunklet gave us a brilliant poem about the legacy the Palace of Crust has left behind.

Clocked Out played yet again a brilliant set. Frontman/madman Crawford finally found his match in front of a crowd with the Aberdeen lot crowd surfing him through the living room and just generally picking him up and passing him about like a joint. The crowd went nuts, the band went nuts, the roof remains with his footprints.

Billy Liar for me played an absolute rarity of a show, I say that because in my mind I thought he played pretty poor. Don't get me wrong, all these drunken arseholes grabbing the mic to try and sing along didn't help and ruined it for you, but as always with Aberdeen, the crowd screamed his lyrics with all the passion in the world. Aberdeen Punks + Billy Liar = Good Times.

Cleavers played a horrible set in my opinion. They were playing, then they weren't, then they were, then they were terrible. However the lovly letterman style Cleavers jackets are just what the cover of NME and Radio 1 ordered. Go get em lads!

Sufferinfuck I don't remember much of, cause they were last and by this point I was drinking anything that looked like it could be liquidated. Myself and Palace Princess Steeny went to go mental for the last song, by the time we got there, they were finished (it was 4 seconds long). I do remember gan "10 Fuckin Eggs!" an awful lot, usually a good sign i'm enjoying the band.

Overall: The gig was an incredible atmosphere. There were a few below average performances from bands who usually hit the button every time, but apart from that, no one could take away the fact that "This was it". The Palace of Crust is coming to an end, so lets make this a night to remember and it was.... and then for a select few, we had a nice 3 days afterwards as well.

If you never got the chance to go to the Palace of Crust then this is what you've missed out on, and If you have, you'll always have the memories of the one year where a house in Aberdeen changed an entire scene.

Link! This video was created by Jamie Christ as part of Scottish D.I.Y. Series.

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