Saturday, 5 May 2012

Found on the Floor @ Captain Tom's, Aberdeen

Saturday April 28th 2012 @ Captain Tom's, Aberdeen

Another fun filled night of closed in, heat intensive, cider spilling, buckfast arseing around in Captain Toms. Always a good night, great atmosphere.

We started off the evening with Taparra, now called Bobby and the Boys. They were fucking terrible. I'm sure most people there will agree with me on this. They were a cross between grunge and doom and were essentially the 12 minutes of a Nirvana album that you don't listen to cause it's bollocks. Avoid.

Skubba (Eaten By Crows)
Now the gig properly starts. Eaten By Crows hit the stage and despite Skubba hingin oot his arse he plays a belter, so people have a knack for it, he's one of them.  Great 77 punk, probably more hints of 82 throughout their set as well. Was pointed out to me the lead singer tries to sound like Jello, didn't notice until I listened again to TV Wars on youtube, and yeah I totally hear it on that, but didn't on the night for the rest of it. Best to stay away from the Jello impressions, but otherwise good band!

At the last minute we lost Sufferinfuck on the bill due to some illness that was making 3 of them vomit and hallucinate so instead we received a dose of Absolutist, which was well met. It's been a while since I've seen the band now and not since the new material came out. The guys played an stormer of a set and ripped the place apart. Can't wait to sit down and review the new album, it should be brilliant. Props to Callum for playing with a microphone that low. It was like he was punishing himself by playing in that position.

Found on the Floor
Found on the Floor were the tour act for the evening from Ireland. Brilliant set, great energy, great tunes. A self-described Metal / Punk Hybrid. They sound like UK82 meets the apocalypse in an all out fight to the death. Props to their drummer who was brilliant on the night. Really on form with a high pulsating energy pounding into the skins.

The filthy boys finished off for the evening and although by this point the Cider had got the best of me, and Teabags for that matter who finished off the evening propped up against a wall trying to play guitar, I do remember having a particularly good time. Filthpact have wrote alot of new stuff since their reformation last year and although I'm one for the Version 1-2 era, the material is still excellent. You should be checking it out.

Overall: The night was a prime example of another great night in Captain Toms. Lots of people, great bands and we showed them how we do it in Aberdeen. Great night had by all. 9/10


  1. Sorry ah didny try tae sound like Jello. Probably nerves. If nae fuck it who cares :)

  2. haha. Just TV Wars sounds like its pulled right aff a DK album lol. I enjoyed your set though, looking forward to the Chaos birthday gig in a few weeks.