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Book Yer Ane Fest V @ Kage/Dexters, Dundee

Friday December 2nd - Sunday December 4th @ Kage/Dexters, Dundee
An Absolute gem of a weekend this turned out to be. The folks at Make-That-A-Take Records really went all out on this one. All a worthy cause as the proceeds from the event went to the charity Safe-Tay, give them a nosey here. Anyway. It turned out to be a messy weekend and I was struck down by some illness (no denial of in relation to alcohol) mid way through the weekend. So while I got a got review from Friday. I left Saturday to Bry Parasite from Bile Yer Heid Fanzine. I'll post the link once it's been posted. I then picked a selection of bands I thought stood out on the Sunday that I was able to catch. If you want professional, go buy the fuckin NME, If you want honest, come here.

Friday @ Kage Nightclub
The last ever show (4th time only) from Joey Terrifying and I'm still pretty disappointed this lot a splitting, although I am hoping for several one offs over the next few years before finally reforming. With vocalist Deeker drenched in an impeccably tight testicle exposing orange morph suit, it wasn't very hard to focus on the musical element. A good strong set from the boys, and while I understand the reasons for the placement as opening act, I'd have loved to see them higher up the bill for a good send off. I recommend getting a hold of their stuff, we previously reviewed all their releases, which you can check out here, which includes a link to their bandcamp to download it all. 7.5/10
The Day I Snapped threw us completely off balance and into the world what I could describe as Emo n Roll. Never heard that one before. Infused with some good pop punk tunes, but not an awful lot of energy from the band and a bit too slow in my opinion. Although the did do pretty well musically and seemed pretty tight knit. 6/10
Maxwells Dead had a top night, even with guitarist Russel a bit pissed he still seemed to catch every note perfectly. The whole band put on a good show and their pop punk rock style with bollocks prevailed through and got the crowd bouncing back to life. Very good set from the boys. 8/10
To be honest, as always, I wasn't impressed with that much with Mickey Erg! To start with all I could hear was Joel Madden with a guitar in his hands. A Bit too whiney and with it being just himself on an electric guitar, it sounded a bit more like he was jamming in someones living room after a few spliffs more than anything else. There were definitely folk into him, though it just didn't work for me. 4/10
The Upstarts. This was what I was holding my breath for. One of my favourite bands from Aberdeen and the scene hasn't quiet been the same without them. Missed by all, Crusties, Skankers and Street Punx alike. Their set seemed shorter than it should have been. A few mistakes here and there but nothing crazy and while their reunion would have been met with a cascade of bodies going crazy in Aberdeen, In Dundee it seemed restricted to 4 or 5 folk and few moody cunts down the front complaining they're getting bumped into at a punk gig. Canna please everyone. 8.5/10
The Slow Death for me were pretty poor. Very generic sounding rock with hints of pop punk and I wasn't impressed with any of their set, except.... the last song. I don't know if it was their own or a cover or what the craic is there, but the last song was brilliant and if the rest of their set had the same pace, desire and cinder block to the skull effect as that one, I'd be all over it. 4/10
The Arteries finished off the evening for us and I was all about the face paced energy these boys showed. Great sections of hardcore from this band as well. Couldn't help draw comparisons with Billy Talent in certain vocal situations, but that's not that much of a bad thing. Good Effort. 7.5/10

Selection from Sunday @ Dexters, Dundee
15 Minutes - I'd been looking forward to seeing these guys for years and by christ, from this lads chat between songs, he's had a tough shift and kudos to him for the strength he shows. If you haven't already heard the acoustic melodies (one man playing, the other just singing), then have a look. They don't play very often either, which is why it's taken me so bloody long to seem them but If you get the chance. Take it! 8/10
Billy Liar - I really don't why I bother to continue reviewing this cunt, it's always a top show, but on the night it was the crowd that was lacking to make it special, not the man in particular himself, who kept breaking guitar strings at an alarming rate. As always, if you're near, get it done and go see the loon. 8/10
ONSIND - Two lads from Durham here who's main lyric points seem to be Feminism and Animal Rights. The gathered a close crowd of female followers down the front, with quite a few guys coming in there as well. Their music was pretty good and message good hearted, but they seemed to do a lot of complaining about men, rather than encourage women to do more. Surly when it comes to sexism, lowering one sexes expectations (no matter whether it's female or male), to compensate the other isn't how it should work, Surly bringing each other up to same levels on a united front is much better? They were however quite impressive to say the least and very well worth going to see. 8/10
Chris T-T - This guy was something very different. The man from Brighton comes to us as the tour support for Franz Nicolay. Although it seems he didn't really stand out much on stage he did something, mid-set, I've never seen anyone do before. I never seen anything like it. He put down his guitar, got off the stage and started singing a song. It was a slow and calmly sung ballad. He did it with no microphone and he gradually just circled round the room at Dexters, before heading back onto the stage. Such intensity, that you feared to breath. Something incredibly surreal. 7/10
Franz Nicolay - With contributions on recordings to bands such as Against Me and Leftover Crack, this man gets around and is a very skilled musician, but this point in the night, I was happy to take a back seat and engross myself in his product and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Picking up in different variations an accordion, banjo and an acoustic guitar is was nice way to end the weekend and relax after a long 3 days. 8.5/10

On this particular day, looking back on it, I get the impression that this was obviously the day for everyone to chill out after a long weekend, especially considering the majority of the acts were acoustic, but even then, being told to be quiet while a musician is playing through an amp is ridiculous. And as a whole from the weekend it seemed, and while I'm aware that every scene is different, that Dundee is very wound up. It seemed a lot of being weren't prepared to cut loose. Don't get me wrong, there's a big scene, lots of people who make the effort, but also a bit of shite to it. My friendliest chat, from folk I didn't already know, came from the bouncers at Kage.

Overall, again, I want to say a massive thank you to Make That A Take Records for the whole weekend and big props to Deeker for booking it all. Top marks to the Dundee and surrounding scenes for your effort in getting yourselves there. Top praise to all the bands, whether I liked you or not, for your efforts this weekend. Whether I'm into you guys or not is irrelevant if you're prepared to make the effort and do the show so well done to yourselves.

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