Friday, 2 December 2011

The Defects - Revelator EP CD/DVD (2011)

The Defects - Revelator EP CD/DVD (2011) [DIY]

Opening track and EP title "Revelator" kick us off and it's a song you can get excited about. This is 77 meets street. The echoing ring of the guitar and the build ups are great. The harrowing voice throwing out a chorus, brilliant backing vocals pieces and the drumming is good and adventurously successful in some areas and solid throughout. The Reggae piece towards the end in particular shows this band can diversify whether the fuckin want to or not. And jesus christ that's only track one. "Guilty Conscience" maintains the same pieces as before. Solid riffs, brilliant backing vocal sections and solid drumming. "Metal Walls" is still a good song, with an impressive solo in there as well and it's a good jump around but not better than the last two songs. Then comes track 4, I was so, so, so dreading listening to this. I had listening to dub mixes of songs. It ruins them. But.... not this one. It's "Revelator Dub" and while the song originally has a wee section of reggae in it, this one is all over reggae and it sounds beautiful. With tormented echos which stretch on in the vocals and the guitar before hitting incredibly hard vocally with the chorus to bring you to attention and appreciate it. Like I said, I usually fucking despise these tracks thrown onto the end of EPs. In my opinion it's laziness on the bands part, but this one has been done very well and pretty good considering their drummer Glen did it and it's his first bash at it. Impressive EP 9/10

Bet they didn't think I'd review this too eh.... haha. To start with I'm thinking this video is shite! It's put together pretty crap, but a sneaking suspicion that that couldn't be the case, cause no one would do something this bad on disk, was confirmed when the next track, the live one, came on and the video was equally as fucked up. Well you know what, Windows Media Player can get tae fuck. So for now, I'll leave it at that until I can get a dvd player to watch the DVD.

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