Monday, 28 November 2011

Knives Out - Here Again (2011)

Knives Out - Here Again (2011) [Next Punk Records]
I was quite happy last week because I received a copy of the album Here Again, by Swiss punk n rollers Knives Out. And it's a pretty good listen. The albums opening track "I'm Here" screams rock n roll right from the start and the band keep the level up. The song "Walking Away" was particularly good. It's melody is a nice little head bopper and it's a nice number. The problem I had was this album was that nothing really seemed to stand out. The vocals were pretty good, but the musicians came accross as very pub standard rock n roll and to be honest I felt like they're capable of better. The riffs aren't spectacular, they're not bad, they're just not anything too special or important here. It comes accross as a bit repetitive. "Start Again" and "Foe" are not bad songs in their own right, but like I said, nothing stands out too much. It's obvious they've put quite a bit of effort into their album launch and the recording of it etc, but it just hasn't caught my attention as much as i hoped it would of. I the end it's a disappointing 6/10.

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