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Global Unity Musik II - Various Arists (2011)

Global Unity Musik II - Various Artists (2011) [Riot Ska Records]
Riot Ska Records continues it's dedication to the DIY punk underground by creating a compilation of bands from around the world with the aim of spreading their music to further beyond the globe. So here's what Dead Cities Fanzine thinks of it, and I'm quite excited about this, cause this Riot Ska records lad, he's got good taste!

Artist - Track Title - Track Time
1.Atrocity Solution - Dark Days 04:20
Grab you boots and let's go! This sounds like it should be the latest release from Star Fucking Hipsters and has just as much quality to it. With excellent, what sounds like dual vocals, but could be how it's recorded, but it's done with some style! The guitar riffs are excellent throughout. Would love to hear more from these guys.

2.Foolish - Simple Life (ft. Union Jack) 02:37
Pick it Up! Skank fest on our hands here with Foolish, but a twist that edges between ska and full on punk rock with the guitar in the verse, then the chorus blasts your ear drums into submission. Excellent Track. It really mixes it up with different speeds and riffs throughout.

3.Opposition Rising - FTW 02:14
Glad to know that these guys treat FTW as Fuck the World, unlike the bullshit of For the Win. Pet peeve like. This song is fuckin hardcore. This is exactly how punk music should sound. A musical threat and is literally a Fuck You to the world. Excellent with some metal undertones in there as well.

4.1000 Drunken Nights - Stagnant 03:50
All old school ska vibe with some brilliant wee brass sections and the guitar during the verses, only thing not having that vibe of back in the day is the vocals, and that's a good thing. But from that... old school meets new school like a kick in the balls when we hit the chorus and it really gets going. Great track.

5.Beng Beng Cocktail - As We Sew, So We Reap 03:12
The intro to this song has an eerie edge to it with the acoustic guitar and varying instruments in the background. The song gets going and one of the vocalists sounds like he's whispering with a really bad cough. Overall it's a good track, but I'd love to here it done with an electric guitar rather than acoustic, perhaps its not as good sounding that way as I hope it is, but maybe it is.

6.CBiHCITY - Grey Days 01:02
Fast as hell hardcore for fans of Minor Threat. These boys don't seem to do anything slow and why the fuck should they!?! Only problem is it's over before it's time

7.Banditos - Loan Riders 03:33
I've already reviewed this song on the RiotSka Records Sampler and it's a brilliant song, but I'm one of these guys that thinks once you've gave a track to that compilation, you can't use it for another one, that's just how I'd run my music however and like I said before, It's an excellent acoustic track with great melodies.

8.Prophet Margin - The Church Reserve 03:45
An almost reggae vibe from this band at the start before hitting it more ska territory. Dual vocal combo that works very well. Musically it's pretty good until it hits the chorus, it sounds a bit unorganized, but like it's missing a bar, but still sounds pretty good!

9.E.A.T.E.R. - Point Of No Return 02:08
Someone in here is going to slow and I can't pick out who, it may be all of them but at different sections. But it's still a pretty good song, but I don't feel like its the bands strongest, they sound like they've more to offer.

10.Global Parasite - Ad Nauseum 03:19
Get yer Organs oot! Slowed down and dragged out intro before an infectious song loving virus takes grip of the song. Heavy handed fast as fuck riffs throughout and a vocalist that wants your attention and he wants it fuckin now!

11.From The Cradle To The Rave - Greed 02:00
The first wee bit of this sounds like "Going to Ibiza" by the Vengaboys, but that lasts all of 3 seconds thank fuck, before launching into the tirade that is the punk rock equivalent of Pendulum and in my opinion, if you're into that sorta thing, better than them. Its incredibly difficult to get me into techno anthems so to speak, but this band do it with ease. Get them listened to now!

12.Spanner - Autonomous Spaces 03:41
Vocally this guy doesn't sound angry enough about what he's talking about, maybe he's a calm lad haha. It does sound like he's talking rather than singing, but when the chorus hits it's very evident he has the talent to do it. Slow riff for the verse and echoing brass section, but apart from that I don't imagine them to be very wild live if this song is anything to go by.

13.The Dubtones - Propaganduh! 03:21
A nice song with excellent lyrics that anyone with a brain can relate too. Not too slow, but not too fast either with a nice melodic chorus, wooooooo-oooo Propanganduh!!!

14.The Poseurs - What Will You Do Then 02:34
Holy shit, If Brody Dalle has a voice like a gravel truck, then this cunt ate the fuckin gravel truck! A harmonious anthem during the chorus, a fast as hell bridge and then a ska verse riff, these guys want to bring it ALL together and they do it very well. Someone get this lad some cough medicine!

15.Manitoba Lights - Pharmacopia (Drug The Children) 02:21
I think the vocalist from this band has caught the same cough as the guy before this. It's a nice combination of brass and ska riffs on the guitar and the lone trumpet in the foreground of the chorus sounds a bit daunting. All in all another good track!

16.Eskera - Xicano Ska 01:56
Creepy screeching guitar and a hardcore ska vibe from these guys before the hard hitting chorus that screams attitude. It's an interesting song with the band not limiting themselves to anything in the slightest, vocally however it could be better, but still a good track none the less.

17.Ghetto Blaster - Whatchu Gunna Do 02:06
Another one reviewed in the Riot Ska Records Sampler and in fact their EP has been reviewed on here as well. It's a great track infusing rap in the verse and hardcore in the chorus. Good Track and a good band, give me a listen and read the review of their EP here.

18.Smiler - All Failed 01:37
With vocals like an army drill Sergeant and a guitar riff that sounds like war its a nice blast. The build up in the middle sounds like the build up from the Power Rangers theme song though and the drums don't seem very well organized at all.

19.Dead Subverts - In The Name Of Art 02:10
Vocally out of time I felt in the verse, the chorus is simple but a definite crowd pleaser and the song screams raw power. A good listen and I feel these band have alot more to offer so I'd like to hear more!

20.Divine Spark - Call Of The Wild 04:12
Yet ANOTHER off of the Riot Ska Records Sampler is the slow doomy headbanger that is Call of the Wild. Another great band from the Riot Ska family. When the song hits its doomy hardcore at it's finest and another song of pure raw power once it gets going with the feeling of drudgery at the beginning.

21.Braindead - It Won't Be Drawn 02:15
Another ska riff with a twist, just that wee squeeze of lime that affects the taste in a good way, for me anyway. It's the lime the Corona needs, the chorus riffs let them down a bit, but the the bridge is strong.

22.The Murder Chord - Whiskey & Water 01:51
This song starts off with a mellow car chase feel to it, lyrically it's not bad as a party anthem, but the the piano doesn't sound very well done on this track and overall the track is missing that burst of energy. It's like a 2 minute build up to nothing almost.

23.Broken Nose - That Girl 02:45
Multiple, albeit brief, brass section here with dual-sex-vocals. It's ok and half way through I expect it to go harder into it, but it doesn't. The vocals from these two are brilliant, but the band, like the previous, is missing that prolonged burst of energy. Towards the end we get an almost marching style music before going out.

24.The Decline! - Let Me Out 03:35
An almost country vibe mixed with punk n roll with bits of Bad Religion thrown in there, a popular band to copycat it would seem these days haha. No doubt however they make this their own, but live it wouldn't be more me, but I can see it being a good show for most folks.

Overall: In the end this is an excellent compilation, like I said, the lad has good taste. Theres a few tracks that let the side down a bit, plus the songs already on the Riot Ska Sampler, again what I was saying about using the same song on different compilations. But in general it's all very well put together and sounds brilliant so you should definitely be getting a hold of this. All in all... 9/10.


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