Thursday, 10 November 2011

Northern Aggression - Project Bonehead Volume 2 (2011)

Northern Aggression - Project Bonehead Volume 2 (2011) [Insurgence Records]

The Knockarounds - Falling Down: Hardcore Skinhead anthem right from the get go with this lot. Lyrically a tribute to the victims of pain endured through life and it some parts the guitar has an excellent selection of get up and go about it. Good Track.

Fighting Chance - Somethin's Gotta be Done: Almost Japanese sounding intro that plays into a war cry of battle drums, but instead of the heavy handed go for it street punk style I was expecting we get something quite different. For this compilation I have the benefit of the lyrics and lyrically it tells the tale of  racist oppression in several forms accross several locations. Another good track.

The Class Assassins - Outside Looking In: Old School sound from The Class Assassins. Musically it's Lates 70s Belfast sounding all over. Lyrically as well. Another good track here.

Union Made - Left to Right: With an intro that would have you convinced your about to be aurually molested by nu-metal, it fast changes with the verse riffs that still have a heavy edge of fast metal, but a slight grind sound to it. Not the best track on the comp, but still not too bad, bit too metal for me.

Wisdom in Chain - Nazi Headstomp: AUS ROTTTTTTTEN! Sorry guys. I love the sound though, but thats who instantly comes to mind throughout this song, but they JUST make it their own. And I'd love to sing that chrous at a gig. Fast as hell and demands you fuck shit up. Brilliant Track.

Death in Custody - Carbomb: By the time we've got to the chorus you can tell this song ain't lasting anything more than 2 minutes, and why the fuck should it. It's awesome drunk bounce around verse and chorus riff is perfect for the pit.

The Blackout Brigade - Pushed too Far: Theres something about this track, the intro and verse a very good. As is the build up to the chorus, but having the lyrics in front of me I would have went a bit different with the riff for the chorus when it comes, but they still do a good job. Good Track.

Nuts & Bolts - It's Up to You: Vocally everything seems a bit out of place in the song, there doesn't seem to be a proper slot for the lyrics to come in and it ruins it for me. Musically it's not that bad.

The Press - Just Another Warning: At the start of this song I'm convinced they're about to run away with Stiff Little Finger's Alternative Ulster, but they don't even do that, they seem to miss a few riffs to even rip that off properly. Vocally it's all to slow and rather monotone. Not a Fan.

Class War Kids - Common Threads: Here comes the sound from the street. Lyrically and musically it's brilliant. Love it. Will follow up more on this band because this is what keeps me going! Top Song, best on the compilation.

The Fallout - Riot Boys: Lyrically it's a not bad song and musically it's got a very catchy, bouncy riff to it and it's pretty damn good. Vocally it's not bad either, it just seems a bit one directional, but it's still pretty good. Great Track.

The Oppressed - I Don't Wanna: No doubt leg-ends in their own right, these boys show why. It's old school Oi! Boots marchin on the streets, chanting it's message loud and proud. Another Great track and it's about time I got my hands on some more Oppressed tunes.

Stage Bottles - All You need is Hate: Well this is a fast change of pace. Shit! how to describe this 77 chant along, with Oi verses with ska punk bridges. But that sound of old 80s brass, which is a nice rapid pace as well. This song is pretty damn good! Another band i'll follow up on here!

Hold A Grudge - Time's Up: A Madman vocalist combined with street punk riffs and chant along pieces before breaking into a very nicely done chrous riff. This song then finishs off with an anthem broadcast chanting along to the words... "Time's Up"

Fate 2 Hate - Trust: Hard mixture of street punk and Oi in a fully charged orchestra of brutality. A great song to listen to and bounce around to as well, well worth a listen or twelve.

Mic Crenshaw - Follow Your Instincts: Right how many times does this happen that a compilation will get thrown together and someone will through on a track, right at the end, that makes no sense being there. Lyrically yes, but no part of this musically should be on this album. I'm following My instincts and switching off. If it was done as poetry of some sorts it could be pulled off, but this gangster rap shit, doesn't work.

Overall: It's a pretty good compilation. A few bands I'll be following up on, one or two I'll quickly forget and the rest is pretty good as well. I'd definatly say you should be giving it a listen. The compilation was put together to combat an ongoing Nazi propaganda situation in the north-east of the US, where the bonehead braindeads have been handing out white power music. 7/10


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