Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Rebel Spell - It's a Beautiful Future (2011)

The Rebel Spell - It's a Beautiful Future (2011) [Rebel Time Records]
Right from the get go an explosion of punk rock hits your ears. Bad Religion styled vocals and the go for it attitude of the instruments combined with a melodic overtone are a perfect combination and this band pull it off with brilliance. The opening, and title, track screams at you to pay attention. "It Can't Be Just Me" does the same thing however with a powerful drum and bass pounding during the verse it screams 'anthem motherfuckers!!' and it has a lovely piano piece towards the end as well. "All We Want" starts off sounding like a track off an Exploited album, but calms into their own sense of fury for the verse before trailing back to the riff in the chorus. There are massive hints of Against Me! in this band as well, but in my opinion they pull it off better. The song "Uncontrollable" is a particular delight from this 12 track album. Starts off with an almost Russian vibe to it that speaks up with great results before hitting the verse, but the chorus... fucking amazing. The melody of it, the riffs, the beats, utter fucking perfection. Another gem is "Tragedy" with it's lyrics which are truly inspiring to those of us who've come out the other side of self destruction mode. "Murderers" is also a good number and one of the stand outs on the record. "The World Turned Upside Down" while lyrically good, goes on for too long on the acoustic clean section before the rest of the band show up and it needed it earlier, it was great, but needed it earlier! But fuck it, it's an amazing album and I'm not going to dock points for being 40 seconds late on the last track. 10/10

At time of posting, this download is available for free: http://therebelspell.bandcamp.com/album/its-a-beautiful-future

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