Friday, 18 November 2011

Gum Bleed Interview (Nov 2011 - Post European Tour)

So another tour of Europe man! This time 2 weeks across Germany, Denmark and Czech. How did everything go this time round?
it was 2 weeks and 4 days, everything was going well, but we are very tired after the tour, cos we have shows every night.

I heard you had a great time in Denmark especially?
for punk rock show, i prefer germany. but for sightseeing or meeting some beautiful girls, i suggest denmark :) you should know it.
and i have to say, copenhagen is more than crazy.
as i said denmark is great, but germany still has the stronggest punk scene, firmly punk rockers and leftwing movements.
now i'm more looking forward to uk scene...

Any mad stories from the tour or are you guys generally good boys on the road?
ugh... we met some white pride hooligans in train station of duisburg and some skinheads on street of copenhagen. they wanna fight with us. but we didn't do that, they are too simple, stupid and.. kind of big. so the best way is to be safety and do not kick their ass or punch them on face.
it was sad to see the real rightwings in europe, cos we've heard that rightwings, white power shits are growing in europe.

You've been playing off of the "No War, But Class War" EP. It seems alot softer than what I expected?
yes. softer? oh maybe your right... we are more and more interested in 77 punk rock, not that hardcore as before. but we will still play some hardcore/street punk songs.
gum bleed wanna back to the root of punk rock, also plus the spirit of street punk.

Any plans for a new full length album and if so what you got in mind for it?
yes! a plan for the full length new album, we may start in december 2011 and release it next year. i think it'll be a totally gum bleed style album, then less ppl will say we are no.2 casualties or chinese casualties etc.
12-13 songs in project alreday.

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