Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Brothel Corpse Trio + Bittersuite @ The Moorings, Aberdeen

Friday November 18th @ The Moorings, Aberdeen
The gig opened up the traditional Moorings Friday night 2 band bill and did a pretty good job. While the Moorings, or in particular the Fudge Promotions lads, have a thing for never putting two punk bands on the same bill it would seem, they always have a good bands on. It's trying to please everyone in the pub who would be there regardless if anyone was playing. So to start off we've got Bittersuite. I was quite impressed with the guys, they weren't half bad. It was sort of post Guns N Roses with Alice in Chains vocals. While the imitation Guns n Roses stuff is done quite often, not to mention quite badly as well, I was surprised when these guys did a not bad job. I thought they were trying to make it their own, but the GNR cover at the end, albeit an encore, shattered that haha.

Brothel Corpse Trio's Squidy in action on the Double Bass

Phil & The Sideburns

Brothel Corpse Trio hit the stage next. I've never really been a fan of this band. It started very zombie pish with hints of pyschobilly when they first started up, but I'd been told their new stuff was harder and faster and to be honest throughout the performance I quite enjoyed them. While not quite the Elvis meets GBH I was told to expect, it was still a tightly played and well orchestrated set. And Squidy was right when he said he cut out all the clicking on the Double Bass. 7/10

Jono's not very photogenic anyway....

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