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Kvelertak @ o2 abc, Glasgow

Thursday November 24th 2011 @ o2 abc, Glasgow
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welcome to Glasgow
On a completly baltic Thursday night in Scotland, probably the worst of the winter so far, we drove down from Aberdeen to Glasgow. When we got to Glasgow we fought the wind and rain, luckily only for a few hundred yards, but it was all gonna be worth it cause tonight, Kvelertak are in toon, and I'm going to see them for the first time. While not a punk show per say, its still got heavy elements of it, so well worth a wee mention, but right off the bat it's fucked up. The aforementioned weather means we miss the opening band Wolves like Us and just catch the last few songs of The Secret. However I will say from the last few songs that I did catch of them, I wasn't that into it. Came accross as a bit generic metalcore stuff, wasn't a fan, but they certainly had a few folk into them. Now when Toxic Holocaust came on I was expecting big things. I was quite impressed with the first few songs, but by about the 4th song they just sounded like Slayer. Good. But not much originality in there at all. Infact said song, I could have sworn was a mix between Angel of Death and Raining Blood. Particular highlight was the song titles, which were mostly just very very very very very metal. "667, Greater than Evil" , that sorta thing. Well worth a chuckle. But however, these guys got the place bouncing and albeit a timid crowd in Glasgow still one of excitement for a Thursday and the band gave it everything they had.

Kvelertak then came on and by god they fuckin blew me away. You're talking 3 guitarists, bassist, drummer and vocalist and these boys are tighter than an Aberdonian at a charity gig. Keep in mind this band played for an hour with only one album released and every song they played was like hearing hit after hit after hit. They grasp you in like a child needing comfort and all of sudden everything isn't just ok, it's fuckin marvelous. The sound of the black metal meets punk rock with a Guns 'n' Roses swagger. If you haven't heard of this band, get the listened to.

It'd be cheap of me to judge the entire gig based on 2 1/3 of a the bands, so I'll just mark up Kvelertak and give them a very impressive 9/10

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