Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ziplock - Nothing to Prove (2011)

Ziplock - Nothing to Prove (2011) [Horn & Hoof Records]
The Norwich based punk's EP Nothing to Prove blasts off with opening track "One Step Behind" and while in areas it sounds a little rush recorded with some mis-timings, it's full of contagious energy and not to be sniffed at. "Change Your Routine" is a chainsaw of street punk and while it's a really short burst of energy it's pretty good. "Not Cost Effective" and "Mental Block" are also examples of the simplistic, but powerful riffs, but what I feel completely commands this EP is the vocals which is very self-evident in the latter. "Meltdown" without a doubt is their pub anthem. All in all it's a not bad wee number, however a bit too similar musically, which spoils it a bit. Apart from needing a bit more diversity, it's pretty good. 7/10

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