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Joey Terrifying - Complete Collection (2008-2010)

Joey Terrifying - Complete Collection (2008-2010) [DIY]

Wtih Joey Terrifying now in the history books, well they've played more "Last Show Ever"s that I can remember, the time came to throw everything together and leave it as the lasting impression that the band made. It is a shame that the band only have 3 years together and release only 9 tracks because these are all incredibly good hardcore ska punk songs. Explains why they played over 150 shows in their time, plus 300 "Last ever shows". Honest this time, promise! haha.

So we start of with "National Insecurities" taken from their first release "The First Demo". A fast paced, sing along, pop punk number that sets us down the path of hardcore emo pop punk. "A Girl Called Mary" is very a slow rocky ska number and sounds very much like the sound of defeat in a relationship. "Troubled Times" starts off very pink floyd guitar string plucking/wanking before finally breaking into an almost funk bass line with a melodic a chorus line. Not bad. 6/10

Off of the "This is your Future" EP comes the song "What Treachery Is This?" within 10 months they've managed to kick it up several gears. The quality of the lyrics, riffs, recording, everything is much better and the ska is even more skankin! It sounds alot better that you can hear the thickness in Deeker's accent, it gives it some back bone. And the continuation of this into the song "Express Yourself Clearly" that breaks down the door every time the chorus hits. But the perfect end here was the song "Getaway Driver" the story of child expected to end up in the gutter. The guitar parts in this song are brilliant and the bass has it's fair share of mental bits and the lyrics are brilliant. 8/10

The final 3 sets are taken from "Triple Threat" split record released on Ska Mutiny Records. "National Insecurities II" is re-recorded and seemingly faster version of the original and vocalist Deeker does well to keep up with himself. A breakdown bit at the end thrown in, before the 100mph race to the finish line. "Actual Factual" reeks of the words ska and core. In one burst you have a military style snare drumming, in the next you've got the slowed down stereotypical skank riff, the kind that when you dance to it, while still skankin', you're only changing feet every 3 seconds instead of every 0.12 seconds. "Bomb 'Em Back" starts of with a riff that doesn't sound too unfamiliar from 28 Days Later. A very fitting end to this, their final release, the end is nigh so to speak. Before bang, and they're running at you with a lance under the arm aiming directly at your face. The echoing verse microphone manipulation, allows for the deception of a soldier at peace in a war field. 7/10

Overall: Well in all fairness I would have liked to see Joey T playing for another few years and do a full length release, and then ask themselves, should we stop playing? because I don't think they'd agree with the decision they've made just now. A great asset to the Scottish punk scene. 8/10


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