Friday, 14 October 2011

Riotska Records Sampler (2011)

Riotska Records Sampler (2011) [Riotska Records]
I got handed this compilation at Rebellion for nothing and it's a fucking gem. Opening track "Information is Power" by Luvdump is brilliant. The echoing melodic chorus lyrics of "The wanna run your life, by taking all your rights" is simply awesome. From Cradle to the Rave have an impressive track on here as well and I'll be trying to get my hands on more of their tunes. An awesome acoustic track from the Banditos followed by some breakdown rap ska crossbreed with a vocal track that sounds impeccably close to Stza Crack by Ghetto Blaster. Divine Spark's contribution is the the headbanger "Call of the Wild" and it's pretty damn good. Beng Beng Cocktail's "Gone Saccharine Gone" is definitely the odd number in this comp, an acoustic pick it up verse with a traditional Cuban style sound. Speaking of pick it up, the opening words to the ska session of a song that is "Spider Ridden Bats" by Night Gaunts, get yer skankin shoes on for this lot. Nini Zombi's "Zombie Army" and right off the bat I've my negative cap on thinking, "oh fuck off", not another physcobilly load of shite. Miles off. Ska Punk, brilliantly done I might add. I've always hated Zombie lyrics. It's boring and the same old shit over and over again. Basically filling the gaps when you've nothing worth while saying. Music is great, lyrics are shite. Fast as fuck right out the gate from No Choice Left. It's a strange mix of a song, incredibly unique, give it a listen and you'll understand. "O.F.C." are throw on here, with a very shit recording I might add and it spoils it a bit. I can see the potential within the band, but they're all over the place and don't seem to have any organization at all. Thee Infidels add a bit of sauce to the mix to finish of (My copy was missing the 12th track) with a West Cost punk rock theme going on there with the ska verses with the song "We're not going down".

And then I got the 12th track! "Symptoms of our Trading System" by Anti/Venom. Starts off with a clip from Predators and a slow build up, before taking off like a jumbo jet driving down a high street leaving a sea of destruction behind it. A voice not unlike that of Stza Crack, again, but more mellow somehow. Heavy punching with a power anthem chorus right to the end. Then it sounds like someone has a cold afterwards. Not bad at all.

Grab it online for 10p + a free Riotska Records patch! 8.5/10


  1. Yo nice review,here's the song you're missing from your copy, straight out from the RSR soundcloud

    Can you say something about that song? I'm from that band haha. Cheers