Monday, 10 October 2011

Vivisect - Anarko Not Peace Punk (2011)

Vivisect – Anarko Not Peace Punk (2011) [DIY]
The 2011 Demo from Houston, Texas based anarco punks Vivisect starts of with an intro track with a interview being played in the background with the lyrics “This ain't peace punk, we mean war” and it sums up the trend of the whole 8 track release. The heavy d-beat style sound of “Vivisect the Bastards” and “Storms of War” are commanding examples of the slower versions of the genre, while maintaining a heavy destructive sound behind it. The riffs on “Sanctioning our Misery” imposes an earache of impending doom, but I feel the vocal track lets this one down. All in all it's a fair piece and worth a listen. It finishes with “Grind The Enemy”, a cover on the song by the group Axegrinder from their 1987 album, by the same name. 7/10

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