Monday, 10 October 2011

Officer Down/ The Infested Split EP (2011)

Officer Down/The Infested Split EP (2011) [EHC Records]
6 tracks from 2 good bands. Officer Down start off strong with “Bleed it Dry”. “We're Not the Enemy” seems to be lacking a bit at the start and its not that great. However “Blood for Oil” is a pretty good song to round out their contribution. The Infested start off with the song “Zombies” which is nothing special, but an explosion hits you with the 300mph “Scapegoat” which sounds brilliant, but the Split then ends with an Acoustic number. Nothing against Acoustic sets like, just didn't seem to fit. To be honest the whole split seems all over the place. The acoustic song, “Memories” is not bad. 5/10

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