Monday, 10 October 2011

Fresh Meat - Boys (2011)

Fresh Meat – Boys (2011) [DIY]
Interesting. But then again putting Roysta in a queercore style band always was going to be unlike anything you'd ever heard before. At 7 tracks and 6:44 mins, it'd be stupid to say it wasn't a quick splash of energy. “Flaccid and Miserable” does enough to kick us off. “The Most Well dressed Tongue in Town” is a bit better, but does sound like some of the dodgy irishman's solo stuff. I'm sure i've heard it before. Maybe because the singles been on for half an hour and i've already heard it 73 times. I do love the progression of “When Circumstances Require Blood”. However, the best version of Limp Wrist's “I love Hardcore Boys” i've heard. It's sterling. CD is limited to 35 and it's very fancy for a first release, they've put a lot of effort into it. Nice to have in the collection however, I definitely think this is a band we're going to have to let come together a bit more and see where it goes from there. I expect really good things, the potential is there, no doubt. 6/10

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