Monday, 10 October 2011

U.S. Showcase Compilation (2011)

Opening track "Chris Pooped at the Skate Park" by Spazz, shows that sometimes some folk have nothing important to say at all. Fast, full of grind and a few different vocals tracks, it's not bad, all they wanna do is thrash. 
"Don't Drink the Atwater" by East West Blast Test, sounds like someone dropped their gameboy in the toilet and it should stay there, this track is shite.
"American Holocaust" by Final Draft is a good hardcore song to bounce your head to and get stuck in in the pit.
This is followed by Cyborg's "Domestic", again surrounded by heavy blast beats.
Common Enemy finally get this compilation going with "Nothing's Wrong", suttle of thoughts of Aus Rotten spring to mind.
"Tear my face off" by Buried At Birth relies heavily on the screeching pulling sound thats been done a million times before, not over interesting, in my opinion. 
INTHESHIT come out swinging with "Mosh on Your Grave" and it's a not bad number with some fairly immence drumming.
Cry Havoc give some much need diversity to this compilation with a bit of sing along with heavy vocal sound of East Coast hardcore in the song "Living On The Witch Hunt".
Sado "Hadouken", is a waste of 4 seconds.
"Innsmouth Part 1" by Wake The Machine is a good track, but I can't help but feel it's all too much the same, on this comp.
"Punch Out" by Aggro or Die is American hardcore down to a tee and helps pull this compilation away from achieving nothing.
"American Dream" sound raw and brutal and is an excellent example of the underground street punk movement. I'll be checking these guys out. Best track on the compilation. Be proud Scattergun.
"Degenerate" by Dick Hickey. The echos of imitation GG Allin in the song, but not bad.

Overall: This compilation is pretty poor and Aside from Scattergun, nobody really stands out on this for me. 2/10

Track Listing:
Spazz - “Chris Pooped At The Skate Park “
East West Blast Test - “Don’t Drink the Atwater”
Final Draft - “American Holocaust”
Cyborg - “Domestic”
Common Enemy - “Nothing’s Wrong”
Buried At Birth - “Tear My Face Off”
INTHESHIT - “Mosh On Your Grave”
Cry Havoc! - “Living On The Witch Hunt”
Sordo - “Hadouken”
Wake The Machine - “Innsmouth Pt 1”
Aggro or Die! - “Punch Out!!”
Scattergun - “American Dream”
Dick Hickey - “Degenerate”

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