Monday, 17 October 2011

Vega's Loft - Hotrod (2011)

Vega's Loft - Hotrod (2011) [DIY]
Right from the Get go this album explodes into action with "Partner in Crime". It's almost a cross breed into metal in areas and it's heavy and it's pissed off. Another heavy hitter with "XX Syndrome", followed up by the energetic and in some places a bit experimental "Leightweight", the song seems to encompass a few bits of everything and it's very well put together. "Something's Come Up" is a more pop punk song and not too bad, but their version of "Irish Rover" is pretty damn good. "Urban Decay" is duel vocal conversation and I can't help but feel that if this song was recorded a bit better it would be a great anthem. I must admit I wasn't a fan of the track "RIP", the middle was too preoccupied with short bursts of string wanking, but the the drumming when it speeds up sounded very good. "Hotrod" comes out the gate like a the world's shortest hurricane and they descends into a bit of an Unseen style vibe vocally, it's not bad. "London Lives" is a not bad wee tune either, but I start to feel that by the end of the album, everything starts to come together a little too closely and I definatly prefer the first half of the album to the second. I do think with better recording, everything might become a bit more clearer so to speak, but the band have definitely thrown a lot of work into this album and deserve the credit for writing a not bad wee album, a defiant boost if you like you're pop punk rock. 7.5/10

Note: This band play very well live, I suggest you catch them at a show if you can.

Track Listing:
1. Partner In Crime Intro
2. Partner In Crime
3. XX Syndrome
4. Lightweight
5. Something's Come Up
6. Irish Rover
7. Urban Decay
8. R.I.P

9. Hotrod Intro
10. Hotrod
11. London Lives

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