Monday, 10 October 2011

The Helltons/Murderburgers Split 7" (2011)

The Helltons/Murderburgers Split 7” (2011)
Opening track “Give Me Some Methadone” breaks into some well riffed out pop punk with the bridge section being a nice wee picked out piece with a equally lovely melodic chorus line. “Weird Science Girl” has yer classic Ramones style pop punk sing along chorus line and the rest of the song has a very gracious feel to it. The Murderburgers side contains the song “Get out of my vision” and “Why is she hanging around”, the latter off of their 2008 album “Bitches, Blunts and Pop Punk”. If you've listened to the Murderburgers before you'll know they have a sound, musically and vocally that is quite recognizable and this is no different. It's Scottish pop punk at it's finest, but sadly it does start to blend together too well to the point it almost all sounds the same. 6/10

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