Thursday, 20 October 2011

Patrol - Never Say Never (2011)

Patrol - Never Say Never (2011) [DIY]
Essentially the band's Best of album, which includes everything they've released. re-recorded for this century, with all the digital doowinkles of modern music and it sounds pretty damn good to me. At 20 tracks long its one of these albums that you'll still be finding bits you like later down the line. A personal favourite being "SS Officer", as well as this strangely enticing "Innocence", not quite sure why but a ballad of a distorted life and surreal echoing chorus. The basis is that all of the song's on this album are all good songs, you don't get the reputation these guys have without writing at least a couple, but several of them are simply stand outs that just need to be listened to over and over or thrown into the playlist entitled "Pure Bangin' Choons". The thing is I get the feeling that no matter who you are, with this album, you're not going to like the 3 or 4 stand out songs I will, or your mates will or anyone will. It's that diverse that it offers you the option of more options! For instance I also found the song "Nite Life" quite interesting, but I've no doubt I could go back in a few months and pick something else out. "Unknown Soldiers" sounds pretty damn good to myself as well. In the end I'm glad I bought this album its good old school punk rock with a purpose! 8.5/10

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