Thursday, 27 October 2011

Anti-Venom - As Soon as There is Justice (2010)

Anti-Venom - As Soon as There is Justice (2010) [Riot Ska Records]
Right from the get go this band want you attention and your gonna give em it! The echoing vocals and the dynamic riffs between ska (in some sections), street punk and melodic punk rock with an oozing sense of East Coast, that would be true, if this lot we're the hottest punk band I've heard out of Mexico. The band bring something to the table that some other bands just don't have, they're unique, they have their own personal edge and most importantly it's not repetitive and at 16 tracks plus a cover, that's very important! They can slow it down, they can speed it, they can put the fucker in reverse and run over your cat and do it all blindfolded. The problem is, and this is gonna sound stupid as fuck, the album has too many good songs on it at the same level. There's not that song that 2 clicks more desired that the rest. For example... Smells like Teen Spirit on Nevermind. All great songs, one stand out! The song "Looking for the Answer" completely changes the pace, tone, attitude, everything on this record for this one song and it is very melodically aurally pleasing. Then they go and turn everything upside down again with some techno dodger mix thrown in, which incredibly, even that ain't half bad either! That was their 'Midtro' as the put it and this stupid cunt was trying to think back to my Spanish vocab to think, what does that translate as into English, well just that! Finishing off with "Satan vs Cops" was also a treat as well for a great ska tune infused with a mix of 90s west coast pop punk rock, these boys literally do it all and they do it with style. 9/10

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