Monday, 10 October 2011

Psychotic Maniacs - Self Titled EP (1987)

Psychotic Maniacs - Self Titled EP (1987)[Reactor Records]
Originally recorded in 1985. 6 songs, 7 and a half minutes. Typical 80s hardcore. It's pretty good to be honest. Story goes they were living in a house in Melbourne with Aussie band Depression and when Depression finished recording earlier than anticipated, rather than let the studio time go to waste, the band were called at 2am to get their arse to the studio and record. They lay down 6 tracks and had themselves a release. It's speed and the riffs make it a powerful wee EP, but the lyrics are a bit shit. Nae bad little download. Sound quality is quite shit, but it suits the style and the nothing sounds too drowned out either. 6/10

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