Monday, 10 October 2011

"Osama's the Man" by Maze McPunklet

Osama Bin Laden. What if he was just a puppet on some broken strings. Nothing more than a face in the crowd massacred to keep happy a twisted nation. Simply the face on a web of lies. The victim of a false commodity. The label on a sick creation. Another fucked up sob story for the grandkids of a terror fuelled generation. And what of the victims of his masters cruel mind games? Well, they cherrish the day another man perishes amidst the chaos thanks to our lost right to an education.

And what of the nurses in dire need of better pay across the pond? What of you and me? The kids that drew the short straws. Nobody gives a fuck what becomes of us. We're just another voice drowned out by the constant droning of a dead society. Just prey for the monsters created by parliament. This world is becoming worse that the one that Maggie Thatcher dreamt.

And what about the working class? Even they won't unite because nobody wants to know their neighbours. Kept apart by racist bastards at the top of the food chain, but if only we could stand as one. No wall, no cage, could keep our rage restrained. Yet still we destroy ourselves. Unwilling to put aside our pride. If only we could look past political correctness. Nothing could keep today's youth contained.

And all of all i scream of, i don't forget you. You are the most powerful tool. Your heart, your mind, can lead us past this chauvinistic bullshit and stop this divide. Only you can defend what little we have left.
This life is just one fucked up joy ride. So as you lay in the gutter once again to forget this country's sorrows, remember that this life is only borrowed.

So live, don't let those bastards win. Scream. Struggle. Boycott this government until the fuckers give in. We have each other, and it's all we need. Forget anarchy, ownership, corruption and greed. Don't let the system grind you down as it's hate ridden cancer. Just you remember that you are the answer...

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