Monday, 10 October 2011

Rebellion 2011 @ Winter Gardens, Blackpool

As always seeing all the bands you want to at Rebellion can prove more difficult than intended, usually in my case it's wanting to see a band but can't get in cos i've still half a bottle of bucky in my hand, and downing half a bottle of Bucky in a few minutes is a bit difficult. In the case of this year it started with the very first band because I couldn't get through the bloody door! But here's quick run through of the band I saw and the bands from that day I wish I had.

Ed Ache – The frontman from Colchester's ICH, brought about a sterling performance of his solo acoustic material. Very impressive.
Short Bus Window Lickers – A band that has alluded me for several years when it comes to seeing them at Rebellion. So glad I went to see them this year. Go and see them if you havn't already, don't make the mistake I did.
Geoffrey OiCott – Went along with high hopes of getting into this band, but having no interest at all in Cricket, except the drinking in the sun bit, it didn't pan out. Wasn't a big fan of the music, just wasn't for me. But hey the amount of people there proves that that might just be me.
The Old Firm Casuals – I'd listened to the tracks released online and like many had been left pretty disappointed, but to see this band live. It's the Rancid vibe we all know about I guess. They played brilliantly.
Menace – Caught 4 or 5 songs of a mediocre performance.
The Meteors – Stayed for a few tunes, wasn't impressed, left to go see the Bay City Rollers, that's how much I wasn't into it.
Wish I'd Seen – Off!, Kings of the Delmar, Jessie Eastfield, Girlfixer, The Fiend.

Billy Liar – A Solid show as always, along with the 5 sets he did busking and the one he did at the aftershow.
Maximum RnR – Played with not as much energy as they did to a crowd of 30 in Aberdeen 2 days previous, but a great set from the band on the earliest slot of the day.
The Restarts – Exploding on the stage like a zit on yer mirror, the band ripped apart the Empress Ballroom and a mid day slot is something, but they deserve to be higher up the bill.
Argy Bargy – Always a good band to catch live.
The Varukers – Caught the end of their set and the same hardcore atmosphere that they always bring.
Ex Cathedra – After all the hype around this band in the build up, they were pretty poor and not a band I'd bother to go and see again.
Anti-Nowhere League – At this point I was still finding the sound in the Ballroom to be pretty drab and this didn't help the band, not the best I've seen them.
The Exploited – Not as great a show as the last time they played Rebellion but a good show nonetheless.
Wish I'd Seen – Infa Riot, Bouncing Souls, Drongos for Europe, Dead Class, Drunken Balordi.

Louise Distras – Her first rebellion and a good set, also saw her several times busking throughout the weekend. Which is good for those outside who couldn't make it in/busy drinking.
Runnin' Riot – Great band, a pleasure to see them any time.
The Dickies – Not a fan, didn't work for me at all. Had plenty say otherwise, but for me, nope.
Cock Sparrer – Great set from the lads as always, I definatly wasn't the only one who felt like dying by the end of their set with exhaustion. Bloody knackered.
Wish I'd Seen – Hardskin, The Filaments, Pascal Briggs, The Grit, Control

The Adicts - …. what you want me to say, it's The Adicts.
UK Subs – I was late, but caught the last 6 songs. 5 of which I love. Always Always Always get a great show out of the subs. Tighter than nun's cunt and every time feels like yer first.
Wish I'd Seen – Kunt & The Gang, Dragster, Mike Only, Eastfield, Demob, Jello Biafra

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