Monday, 10 October 2011

Street Kids - Back in the Days (2010)

Street Kids – Back in the Days (2010) [Carnage Punk Rock]
This album comes from French punk rockers Street Kids and it's become a favoured one in my collection. Although it's not a complete start to finish album there are a few gems in there. “Amitié”, “L'hymne des Buveurs” and “Avec Eux”. The melodic tone to it with the drunken sing along sections brings a great atmosphere to a party once you learn it. Sadly it'll take folks a while to learn the words, because it's in French, but it's one of the only times i've liked the French language used in punk music. For me it usually doesn't fit the sound. On top of that it's pretty difficult to find much more about them as they have pretty much no online presence and as far as I'm aware they have split. 8/10

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