Thursday, 27 October 2011

The InCiders - Megakill v2 Turbo (2011)

The InCiders - Megakill v2 Turbo (2011) [DIY]
Their opening track, the album name, is quite explosive with an element of heavy metal in there. It gathers your attention to throw you into the next song "Blood Will Be Spilt", which while lyrically is pretty good, and musically infact, the vocalist needs to bring more attention to himself and let everyone hear who's boss. The song finishes of with typically screamcore riffs and slowed down vocals. "XH558" however has excellent bridge and chorus riffs, with the emphasis placed on build up on the guitar during the verses. "God Bless Frank Gorshin" is good fast punk rock song, but it doesn't stand out too much from the others, that's not taking anything away from them, it's still a good song, but too much of the same thing can be a bad thing. "Cheyne-Stokes" starts off very slow and doomey with an audio clip and carrys on that.... and still.... and only at 3 minutes in does this song seem to even begin to launch. This sounds like it would be good in a movie while some lonely victim out to avenge the death of his family walks thrown the rain with a blood dripping knife in his hands, for an album though, terrible idea, it goes nowhere. "Windmills and Sidekicks" gives us one of the bands very long build ups, they push them too much in my opinion. But when the song does kick in theres no denying the talent of show and they power through it, but again the vocalist needs to make his presence known! Then the breakdown section at the end, it's too much emo hardcore sounding for me. "Fatal Mistake" sounds very much the same sadly and it doesn't stand out too much. "Moose's Tears" has a very big build up with a new audio clip about a school shooting and then the song seems to be looking at the incident from the shooters point of you to start with, the song is slow and not one of the best on the album.

Overall: In the end I was left a bit disappointed. There are section of this that is pretty good, but they ruin it by trying to do this metal and so called hardcore bits. When they do pull things together it starts to sound very similar and the vocalist really needs to stand up and be counted. He's supposed to be the glue, people go to shows that's who they look at, he needs to stand up and be counted cause right now he's just background noise. So much potential, little delivery I'm afraid. 5/10

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