Monday, 10 October 2011

The Casualties @ Bannermans, Edinburgh

Tuesday July 19th @ Bannermans, Edinburgh
On this night, I witnessed, in my eyes, the best gig I’ve ever been to. Everything about this gig worked perfectly for me. Support acts were good, the venue was the perfect size for this event and The Casualties just blew me away. First up on the night we had Daddy No! Having listened to everything online I could get myself of theirs and not actually seen them live before I was pleased with the performance. The songs were a fast and furious tussle between singer and musicians for me and I thought that the whole band did very well. Catie also doing an excellent job with blissful stage presence, doing what so many other female vocalists have failed to do before her. She leads by example. The Happy Spastics then graced us with their presence. It's been a while since I saw the Spastics now and with 60% of the band members changed. The last time tonight's headliners were in town, 10 years ago, the band were the support, so it made it special for them. However their set wasn't the best I'd seen of them. The vocals weren't the best from Bones, who usually pulls it off no questions asked, and the band didn't seem as tight as they normally do. However their still a band you should be making the effort to see. To be honest, I expected more from Moral Dilemma, however as their set went on they seemed to work harder and harder and put in a lot of effort towards the cause. I do feel that maybe they're more of a recorded act, than one you see live, however, like I said they put in a lot of effort and because of this, I'll be catching them again next chance I get. Next to the stage was the main event. Now possibly being biased here, but I don't feel so in the slightest, but then again who does when you watch your favourite band. For the many years that I've been listening to the The Casualties, I've only managed to catch them once. Main Stage at Rebellion 2007, almost 4 years ago and without Jorge on the night. The set was cut in half and all in all I had to scrape together the what I could of their set and enjoy it. However. Bannermans, 200 people, crushed in the middle of one of my more desired cities in the world, it was special from the off-set. Their set triggered an explosion of requirement from the audience to make this a special night regardless of the world around them. With the band's back catalogue so big these days it was difficult to spot one they possibly didn't play, I was swept away by the sheer energy and it between bouncing on stage and off again with every other fucker who had the desire to say “I know this one too” and shout to the world to prove it, I may have lost track just a smidgen. By the end of the set, everyone in the crowd was drenched in sweat (the band looked like they'd been swimming with their clothes on) and everyone had a sigh of exhaustion that the orgasm had been that good. Yeah, that's what I said. If you ever find yourself lucky enough to be close enough to see The Casualties, do everything you can to make it. 10/10

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