Monday, 10 October 2011

Slaughterfest 2011 @ The Tunnels, Aberdeen

Friday July 15th @ The Tunnels, Aberdeen
The first night of Aberdeen's DIY punk and metal festival Slaughterfest kicked off with an almighty explosion and a fantastic night was had by all. With Pissed On Pissed Off having to sadly pull out, only thing that would have made the night better was having them join us, it was up to the too-many-times-mentioned-in-this-fanzine-already Fifteen Dead to open up the show. The standard we've come to expect from the band who on the night were in no mood to fuck about and got the job done and got the place escalated to the perfect level. The 3rd generation of the band Filthpact then hit the stage. I say 3rd generation. They're just on their 3rd guitarist. The band do what they do best and remind their hometown just who the fuck they are. Such a pivotal part of the scene in Aberdeen in the past and indeed Scotland as well, they're not prepared to let someone else carry the torch and they want it back and they showed just why. A mixture of new songs and old favourites helped to make this evening come together even better. Local Leg-ends Toxik Ephex were up next and gave us yet another sterling showcase. Even a new song “Times are a Changin” was thrown in there. Highlight was defiantly Deek (Oi Polloi) and Dod doing “Doesn't make it all right!”. With everyone going wild by this point it was time to unleash Oi Polloi on the crowd and round off an amazing evening. The band showed, as they always do, why they've stood the test of time, albeit with over 300,000 members on their back catalogue. To be honest for me.... everything starts to get a bit hazy half way through the set. I remember a bottle of whisky being passed around the crowd and then sort of walking back to the palace of crust at a 45° angle. 9/10

Slaughterfest Saturday and Sunday: I'm trying my best not to fill up the fanzine with too much of my own gigs. It's crap, requires little effort and of course i'm going to say my gigs are good. Well that's not true. I'll tell you if they're shit. Well Saturday and Sunday of Slaughterfest was a disaster for only one person. Me. The population of Aberdeen decided that they wouldn't bother their arse, as they often do and after putting so much work into the weekend, it was ruined by the usual punters who moan that there's nothing to do in this city and when they get it, they do fuck all about it. So Fuck those cunts and to be honest I need not feel any spite, because every single band, bar one I can think of who didn't put much effort in (can't blame them), played like they were playing to 50,000 people at Hampden. So over the course of the weekend, 25 bands, that's incredible. The people that were there did everything they could to cheer on the bands and the connection between stage and dancefloor helped keep the event running. So because of all that, all these bands deserve being mentioned and if you see them on a gig poster, go see them, because they earned it. Kings of the Delmar, The Brogues, Element 106, Billy Liar, Wayne Lost Soul, Bin Laden's Daughter, The Beast Must Die, Hideous, Skitzofrenik, The Amphetameanies, The Roughneck Riot, Hated Til Proven, Maxwell's Dead, Johnny Skyscraper (x2), KCHGH, Thousand Needles, Maze Punklet, Bobby Stickah and erm... Bobby's Stickah's mate who did a set as well. You were all brilliant.

Slaughterfest 2012: I've said that last year was the idea, this year the blueprint and next year will be thee Slaughterfest. Simply put, I'll be changing several things. First of all I need help next year. I discovered that it's simply too much for one person to do. We'll also be pushing back the festival until September and for all the students coming back again. We will probably only make the festival 2 days next year, but I'll make it if you buy a double day ticket then you'll get yourself access to several gigs in the weeks running up to Slaughterfest for free. I wanted to give everyone a lot of things this year, problem is I think I just gave them more than they could take.

Additional Thanks to: Steeny, who stopped me from having a heart attack over the weekend and kept everything together while it crumbled around us. Ross Necro and Fatboy for equipment on the Sunday, after the venue didn't tell us there was no equipment in room 2, which was really cool of them. Chiz for playing 4 sets in 3 days, who now holds the record for the most Slaughterfest appearances. The Aberdeen faithful/Chaos Crew for all your help and support over the last year in getting to this. I feel like I've finally put this year to sleep, time to plan next year. Woop-de-fuckin-do, why do I do this?

Leader Board:
(1) Chiz – 4
(2) Jamie Khrist – 3
(_) Bry Parasite – 3
(_) James Dron – 3
(_) Fatboy - 3

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