Monday, 10 October 2011

Kvelertak - Self Titled LP (2010)

As a serious fan of music, the bands that really stand out in my mind are the ones that polarize opinion. With the release of the Norwegian sextets debut album,  Kvelertak are musical marmite of the greatest kind. A combination of Hardcore Punk, Black Metal, Hard Rock and Prog combined with a “If you don’t like it I still fucked your mother” attitude, this is a band that’ll get people talking. If Carlsberg made opening tracks, “Ulvetid” would take the crown whilst hammering a boot square in your mother’s womb. Other highlights are the soaring brilliance of the solo in “Offernatt”, the Rock & Roll riffage of “Blodtørst”, the aural orgasm of “Nekroskop”. Do yourself a favour and buy it before I kick your cunt in.

8.5/10 – For fans of Raised Fist, Darkthrone, Enslaved, Turbonegro, Motorhead, Porcupine Tree

Credit: Ross Necro

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