Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Casulaties Back Catalouge : A Quick Glance

For the Punx (199?) - This album is the birth of the typical Casualties style. Life on the streets, the injustices of being prejudiced against and songs about just being a punk in general. [Listen to: Riot, Punk Rock Love] 6/10

Underground Army (1997) – Taken from the name of Scotland's Threats song, this album still has a rather undeveloped sound to it, but still a good listen. [Listen to: Underground Army, Rejected and Unwanted] 5/10

Stay Out of Order (2000) – Everything starts to come together a lot more with this album. They sound tighter, faster and the songs off this album sound brilliant live. Still missing that uniqueness about it though [Listen to: Fight for your life] 6/10

Die Hards (2001) – This album kicks everything up a gear. The explosion of the opening track and the anthem that is Die Hards. The band have your attention now and they're not letting go. [Listen to: Get off My Back, Nightmare] 8/10

On The Front Line (2004) – This album has everything, the songs now sound much more diverse from one another and they've spent the last 3 years doing very well in writing this album. I cannot recommend this album enough. Also available a year later in Spanish, which sounds pretty damn good as well, called “En La Linea Del Frente”. [Listen to: On the Front Line, Unknown Soldier/Marching Joe, Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Criminal Class] 10/10

Under Attack (2006) – They literally couldn't have done themselves any more justice with this release, a bit more powerful and fantastic. It's a toss up between the two for my preferred album. [Listen to:System Failed Us Again, On City's Streets] 9/10

Made in N.Y.C. (2007) – This is a live album, but fantastic. I've never been a fan of live albums, it's impossible to capture the feeling from the gig on a CD or DVD, but fuck they come close, and with both formats. I'm fairly crawling up their arses now I know, but bugger it, they're just too good. 10/10

We Are All We Have (2009) – Upon my first several months of listening to the album, I just couldn't get into it and indeed I know a lot of people who prefer it to the previous 2 session albums, but I went back to it several times and I got into it. The riffs are still explosive, hell if not more, but I can't help but feel there is something missing. Maybe it's that there are less drunken sing along songs than on the previous album, but hell there's still a good few there. [Listen to: Hearts Bleeds Black, In The Tombs, Stand Against Them All] 8/10

Can't Stop Us [DVD] (2007) – This DVD follows the band through their tours of Japan and Mexico. It gives you an insight to the scene mecca that is Japan, well it's better than Blackpool for 4 days a year ain't it. The rich diversity between the two countrys in immence, even more so within the confines of their respective local punk rock scenes. It's a glourious insight into the band and a little taste of touring the world.

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